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Igor Dmitruk

Translator: English to Brazilian Portuguese.
Medical and life sciences.
Qualified member of the ITI in the UK.
Member of ATA's medical division.



I'm a Brazilian translator specializing in medical and life sciences. I have over 15 years of translation experience, and an educational background carefully tailored for translation, including fields such as biotechnology, genetics, human anatomy, and clinical trials. Other fields of professional interest and independent study include oncology, neuroscience, epidemiology, and psychiatry.

I'm also used to the routines of translation agencies, having worked both as a freelancer and as an in-house translator. I'm a proficient user of CAT tools such as memoQ, Trados, and Wordfast Pro. My rates are reasonable. And I'm always 100% committed to producing translations that are highly readable, concise, and most of all scientifically accurate, putting ethics and patient safety in first place.

Last but not least, I'm interested in pharmaceutical research and development, especially when it comes to clinical trials. Here, my work includes:

◦ Careful use of globally-accepted scientific terminology, as published on clinical research databases in the US and Brazil;
◦ Adherence to Brazilian official health care and pharmaceutical terminology published by regulatory bodies;
◦ Observance to clients' technical preferences and style guides;
◦ Strict quality control for accuracy, grammar, and style;
◦ And friendly support through a project's lifecycle, with an eye on long-term cooperation.

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Languages, expertise, and tools

  • Experience

    15 years as a freelance translator, since April 2006

  • Credentials

    MITI - Qualified member of the ITI in the UK, assessed in "Medicine in pharmaceuticals" in 2013

  • Languages

    Brazilian Portuguese (native language)
    English (primary working language)
    Spanish (secondary working language)

  • Expertise

    Medical translation (clinical research; pharmaceuticals; health care)
    Life sciences (biology, biotechnology, genetics)

CAT Tools

  • memoQ

  • Trados 2007

  • Wordfast Pro

  • SDL Studio 2011

  • SDLX

What I do: A selection of projects by field

  • Published books

    Second Life: The Official Guide
    Rymaszewski, Michael.
    Second Life - O Guia Oficial
    Ediouro, Rio de Janeiro, 2007

    From Pieces to Weight: Once upon a Time in Southside Queens
    Kris Ex / 50 cent
    Do lixo ao luxo - A história do grande astro do hip hop
    Ediouro, Rio de Janeiro, 2006

  • Medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare

    • Clinical trial documentation; protocols, investigator brochures, guidelines, informed consent forms, and communication to clinical investigators in Brazil;
    • Drug product submissions and technical documentation presented by leading pharmaceutical companies to regulatory bodies such as the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) in Brazil;
    • Patient information leaflets, hospital handouts;
    • Market research surveys with specialists about novel products in development to ascertain physicians' willingness to try new treatment options as well as any potential implications or conditions for such;
    • CIOMS reports and SUSAR reports submitted to parties involved in clinical research in Brazil;
    • R&D reports and news from leading pharmaceutical companies;
    • Laboratory equipment catalogs;
    • Lectures and articles, especially in the fields of oncology and therapeutics.

Translation continuing education

Human Anatomy for Translation (Tradução em Anatomia Humana)
March 2013, with Dr. Vanda Marujo, via Tradulínguas

Biotechnology for Translation (Tradução em Biotecnologia)
February - March 2013, with Dr. José Matos via Tradulínguas

Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation: Resources and Strategies for Translators
January 2013, with Carmen Cross, Medical Translator, webinar via ProZ, 3 hours

Science continuing education

Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology)
By Tammatha O'Brien and Raymond J. St. Leger, from University of Maryland
April to June, 2013, via Coursera

Academic background

• BA in English and Translation
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC [2016-2019]

• BA Philosophy
UEL - Universidade Estadual de Londrina
Universidade Estadual de Londrina [2007-2008, one year toward a BA]

• Portuguese Language and Literature (undergraduate studies)
Universidade São Marcos [2006-2006, one year toward a BA]

Let's talk

Please feel free to say hello via e-mail, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.